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Speeding on Tunxis Road

Public Works has completed the installation of static speed limit signs in three locations on Tunxis Road. They also relocated an electronic speed sign to Tunxis Road between properties #116 & 120. Recently downloaded traffic data from the sign noted the prevailing speed was reduced from 32mph to 29mph in the vicinity of the speed sign.


Not sure as to which items can be recycled? Go to: or for information.


Loud firework noises can cause excruciating brain pain, cause us to lose balance, feel nauseous, and cause other serious symptoms in people who cannot process these sounds. PTSD, which produces nightmarish terror, is also triggered by the loud explosive fireworks that we hear all over the neighborhood on the 4th of July and many times during the weeks before and after the holiday. It would be a great kindness if all of our neighbors limited the duration of firework displays to a single day and the earlier evening hours of July 4th, and made sure that all loud “artillery” fireworks are set-off in isolated/industrial areas away from our neighborhood. Thank you for doing what you can to reduce the suffering of our neighbors seriously impacted by firework noise 


The Buena Vista Property Owners Association will be holding its Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 26th . ,3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Home of David Kaplan 162 Selden Hill Drive. Our meeting will be held outdoors, with a big lawn, to assure plenty of space for social distancing, a large deck, and pool! (Rain date will be on Saturday July 10th, same time.) We will have a guest speaker and much more!

Wettleson Avenue and Gin Still Lane

The MDC plans to perform some sanitary sewer work on Wettleson Avenue and possibly Gin Still Lane. They hope to complete the sewer work with enough time to repave Wettleson Avenue and Gin Still Lane later in 2021.  Assuming the MDC is able to complete their repair work as they indicated, the town plans to repave Wettleson Avenue and Gin Still Lane this fall, probably starting in September.


Sign on to: for locations and scheduling an appointment for a Covid-19 vaccination.

Beware of Passing Out Personal Information

You may have recently received a letter from an organization called Nextdoor.  While the letter from  Nextdoor appears to be local, our research indicates it is a national organization which is designed to collect all sorts of personal information. We are not sure of their purpose, but please know that BVPOA is not affiliated with this group whatsoever nor supports the gathering of information from individuals and families for any marketing purposes. We encountered this group several years ago and tried to reach out to them but to no avail.  During these days of extraordinarily sophisticated spams and information-stealing, we hope that you will please be careful before sharing information with unknown sources.  


Props to the Buena Vista Property Owners Association, which collected items for the Salvation Army and West Hartford Food Pantry during an association holiday drive. “Our deepest thanks and gratitude to BVPOA Board members David Kaplan and Cheryl MacKenzie for their tireless efforts,” BVPOA President Sherry Haller said.

Noah Webster House Armchair Tour of the Buena Vista Area

Click on: for an armchair tour of our beautiful Buena Vista area. Also see: “About BVPOA” for more information including the video Buena Vista – A Timeline, by Neil Rosoff.