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Help West Hartford Food Pantry

BVPOA would like to help our West Hartford friends and neighbors in need by collecting items for the West Hartford Food Pantry which is running very low on inventory. Beth Rocco and Wes Winterbottom have agreed to be the drop-off location at their home at 11 Howland Road (Phone # 860-521-5433). Dates for drop-off are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, April 6 – 8, 2020 between 8 AM and 8 PM. Please leave your donations in the box outside their front door. Items Needed: FOOD: Cold cereal, low sugar, Pasta sauce, Canned tuna, Rice, 1 lb. packages, Spaghetti, Canned fruit, Applesauce, Peanut butter (16-18 oz.), Baked beans, Canned pasta, Cooking oil. NON-FOOD: Diapers, especially sizes 4 – 6, Baby formula, Toothpaste, Toilet Paper and Facial Tissue.

New Internet Service

BVPOA has been informed by GoNetSpeed that their fiber optic network will be operational in the BVPOA area on April 9th. As there are other options, BVPOA does not endorse this or any other similar service and provide this message for information only.  

Brookmoor Paving

The Town of West Hartford plans to pave Brookmoor Road this year during June or July. It is expected that the road may be closed to through-traffic during the paving period.

Thank You BVPOA Flag Bearer

For a number of years now our BVPOA neighbor, Jonathan Gilson, has purchased and placed American flags on our street sign posts. They are affixed on Memorial Day and taken down after Labor Day.  It is a wonderful tribute to our servicemen and women.  Thank you so much Jonathan for your steadfast passion and commitment! 

BVPOA Welcomes New Neighbors

When moving into a new neighborhood, it means so much to be welcomed!  Many thanks to Marisa Mascolo and Rick Liljedahl for preparing and distributing our BVPOA Welcome Baskets to our new individuals and families moving into the Buena Vista neighborhood.

BVPOA Fixing Neighborhood Street Signs

Buena Vista is so fortunate to have our customized street signs for our neighborhood.  Thanks to our members’ dues, we are devoting some of our Treasury to fixing and updating the signs to insure they will be with us for years to come.  Many thanks to Tom Goodrum for overseeing these efforts and for painting the posts!  If you have any input about the signs, please contact Tom Goodrum at 860-521-9458.

BVPOA Helps to Increase Traffic Safety

For over a year, BVPOA has been working with town officials to help to improve the safety of the intersections of Everett Avenue and Farmington Avenues. This past year, we discussed a variety of strategies. Thanks to their responsiveness, there is now a “box” at the intersection which encourages drivers heading east on Farmington Avenue to stop prior to the intersection if the light near the intersection is red. In addition, a new lane for drivers turning left onto Everett from Farmington has been put into place. Thank you Town of West Hartford and thank you BVPOA!

Another Theft From a Car

Recently money was stolen from an unlocked car on Howland Rd. Please make sure that no valuables are visible and never leave a car unlocked.

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